Metal Coat: Cerakote or Wet Spray – Which is Better?

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Making the choice: the advantages of Cerakote and Wet pray

At Metal Coat we’re truly passionate about safeguarding your metal possessions. Whether you’re a gun collector, an industrial designer or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of well crafted metal items you understand the importance of preserving their appearance and integrity. In this blog post we’ll delve into two metal coating technologies: Cerakote and Wet Spray.

Both methods have the ability to enhance and protect metal surfaces. They each come with their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s begin by discussing Cerakote

Cerakote is particularly favored for firearms and automotive parts. Can also be applied to essentials like kitchen appliances.

What sets Cerakote apart are its features:

  1. Unparalleled Durability – with resistance against chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures Cerakote proves to be a choice for coatings that will endure heavy wear over time.
  2. Customizability – Cerakote offers a range of colors.
  3. Protection against UV Radiation. The coating is designed with built in resistance against UV rays. By opting for a Cerakote application on your metal items not only will you ensure their longevity, but under sunlight your belongings will maintain their original shine and color.
  4. Cerakote finishes are effortless to clean, they resist stains, and can be easily cleaned with effort.

Wet Spray is a method used to safeguard metal surfaces. This technique has stood the test of time. Proven its effectiveness, over the years. It provides a solution for applications.

What sets Wet Spray apart?

  1. Versatility. Wet Spray can be applied to a range of surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic and glass. Its versatility makes it a popular choice across industries.
  2. Wet Spray tends to be more cost effective compared to Cerakote. This method is particularly advantageous when dealing with scale or expensive projects.
  3. Touching up or repairing damage caused by Wet Spray Coatings is simple and convenient. It’s a choice for products that endure wear and tear.
  4. Wet Spray dries quickly upon application making it highly suitable for industries, with demanding production schedules.

Cerakote offers customization and durability making it an excellent choice for high end firearms and automotive parts due to its ability to withstand conditions and wide range of color options. If you’re working with a budget and need turnarounds, Wet Spray is a more cost-effective option that also allows for easy repairs. This traditional choice has been utilized by industries for years.

At Metal Coat, our experienced team specializes in both Cerakote and Wet Spray. We can assist you in making a decision based on your project requirements whether you’re looking for stylish and modern customization or practical protection. Metal Coat is dedicated to preserving, enhancing and maintaining the beauty and durability of your metal items.