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Metal Coat strongly promotes Cerakote for electronics-audio coating as it enhances and protects various tools, including electronics. Cerakote is an ideal remedy for microphone scratches and other acoustic instruments you want to protect and beautify. Additionally, Cerakote ceramic coating can guarantee the longevity of your tools, even how often you use them. Moreover, the application of Cerakote is not time-consuming and does not require expensive steps for application.

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Metal Coat choose Cerakote® for:

  • Giving luxurious colour that creates a striking finish that will not fade
  • Adding protection against scratches and dings
  • Lightweight tight tolerance application
  • Durable coating application for aluminium, polymers, and titanium
  • Multiple designs and colour choices

Cerakote® ensures:

  • Colour consistency
  • Speed and efficiency in the coating operation
  • Electronics for audio are well protected and designed that prevents looking worn out.

Metal Coat provides a simple yet effective solution for colour upgrades to your electronics audio using Cerakote ceramic coating. Let’s get started!

Get Started with Cerakote®:

If you are interested in implementing ceramic coating using Cerakote®, you can email or call us, and we will lead the way.


Don’t make it harder for you. Some of our customers inquire after a failed DIY project. The coating is not for everyone, and if you want a flawless output, you will need our help. We have been in the metal coating industry for years and maintain customer satisfaction for every coating service we do.

Inquire for a certified
cerakote applicator:

We have certified applicators ready for service. Just email or call us to inquire or learn more. You can also fill out our FORM to find a Cerakote® applicator within your area.