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By incorporating the greatest corrosion protection available in the industry into an incredibly durable thin film coating, Cerakote ceramic coatings extend the life of parts. Other coatings make huge corrosion claims, but they fall short in the areas that count the most.

Due to the tolerance limitations of thick paints, powder coatings, and plasma spray, tight tolerance items like threads and valves are usually left uncoated. This exposes and leaves unprotected the most important parts of your system. In addition to offering the best corrosion protection in the industry, Cerakote may be applied to the whole part, including the most challenging threads, valves, and impellers, both internally and externally, without the need for pricey masking.

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  • Unmatched corrosion protection- at 1 mil thickness our coatings surpass 4,000 hrs. of salt spray corrosion testing (ASTM B117) without failure.
  • Excellent chemical protection – ideal for exposure to acids, alkaline solutions, drilling fluid, crude oils and byproducts, hydraulic fluids and more.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance – handles high cycling, high wear environments. Rates 9H hardness and over 5,000 cycles per mil of abrasion resistance (ASTM D4060).
  • Flexibility – Cerakote’s thin film design allows the coating to flex with the substrate. Great for thermal expansion and high vibratory environments.
  • No masking required – Save time and money by eliminating costly masking during the coating process.
  • Tight tolerance applications – excellent for use on threads, fasteners, values, pumps, and internals where paint and powder coating cannot be applied.
  • High temperature applications – Coatings formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1,800° F, including thermal shock resistance, with no adverse effects.
  • Superior low coefficient of friction – CoF of 0.11 that exceeds current market PTFE coatings.

Cerakote is used by businesses all over the world due to its tight tolerance finishes, industry-leading chemical resistance, and corrosion protection. Without any masking, Cerakote is applied to the whole surface of your component, giving you consistently the best protection and durability available.

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Don’t make it harder for you. Some of our customers inquire after a failed DIY project. The coating is not for everyone, and if you want a flawless output, you will need our help. We have been in the metal coating industry for years and maintain customer satisfaction for every coating service we do.

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