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Cleaning & Maintenance

Fabricated products will not ensure a lifetime service as you expect them to. However, with the proper maintenance and correct cleaning, it will guarantee that your coating will be of benefit for years. We will help you not to waste your expenses since you can utilise your coating’s full potential/service.

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The Right Materials To Use

Remember that the best way to clean all coated products is using a soft cloth, recommended soap (to apply mildly) and lukewarm water. We strongly advise using soaps that have emulsifiers so they can break down most types of stains.

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AVOID these!

We strongly advise our customers to avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the coatings. How do you identify a harsh chemical? Find out if it contains solid or rugged solvents, including numerous cleaning products that can damage the finishes.

Remember, a damaged finish is prone to fading, stains and failure. Additionally, harsh chemicals applied to coated surfaces will reduce the longevity of the finish.

We recommend you use products such as pH-neutral soap and products with no harmful chemicals. This guide will help maintain your coating’s beauty and protection and expand its lifetime.