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The majority of our clients are from the motor trade, motorcycle enthusiasts, and light commercial vehicle restorers. Aluminium, bronze, magnesium, titanium, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel are cleaned and restored using vapour blasting. Due to its non-aggressive and non-erosive nature, vapour blasting can effectively clean engine components without damaging gasket surfaces. Vapour blasting produces a sheened finish on ‘raw metal’ components such as engine casings and rocker covers. Furthermore, ceramic coatings can maintain this appearance. Various techniques and chemical compositions can be used to create the finish you desire.

Metal Coat | bar

The process of vapour blasting

  • Oil and grease can contaminate the media in the machine, so we ask all of
    our customers to remove it before sending us parts.
  • Our team takes delivery of your stripped components.
  • Components that have been painted or power-coated may need to be dry
  • Vapour-blasting components achieve a satin finish.
  • The components are thoroughly dried.
  • For short-term protection, ferrous components may require a coating of oil.
  • Final treatments can be applied to components to preserve their finish.

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