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Using all types of blasting materials, we are able to handle all of your blasting requirements. In addition to performing in-house surface blasting up to 4M, Metal Coat Ltd is a custom coater in London. The blast room on-site enables steel grit to be used as media, and augers can be used to reclaim the used steel grit. The material is recycled 2,000 times annually, resulting in cost savings for you.

It is imperative to note that our second blast room is equipped with separate reclaim systems for multiple media. The building contains a room dedicated to the processing of garnet, aluminium oxide, glass beads, and plastic. This facility is also capable of stripping parts made of plastic and wood.

In addition to our blast rooms, we have two high-pressure blast cabinets measuring 4′ x 4′ each. One machine contains plastic beads for stripping and blasting small parts, while the other uses glass beads.

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You can use blasting media for a variety of projects, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Etching
  • Strengthening
  • Polishing
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We Utilise These Blasting Mediums

Surface preparation and blast finishing use aluminium oxide as the most widely used abrasive.

Recycling is possible regularly.

Crushed glass grit –

Ideal for aggressive surface profiling and surface contamination removal. Nontoxic and inert

Glass beads –

Lead-free, soda lime-type glass is used in the manufacture of this product. A smooth finish is achieved due to the absence of free silica

Silicon carbide –

One of the most brutal blasting media on the market. This tool can etch either glass or stone

Plastic abrasive –

It delivers quick stripping rates and consistent performance across a variety of types.

Pumice –

This light, the natural mineral, is used mainly as an abrasive. The use of pumice is ideal for operations that require less aggression.

Steel shot –

Metal surfaces can be cleaned, stripped, and improved using this method

Steel grit –

Steel grit is ideal for aggressive, high-demand applications. Metal surfaces can be etched with this product.

Corn cob –

Suitable for delicate parts and soft substrates, organic, smooth blasting grit. Ideal for wood surfaces such as log homes

Walnut shell –

Useful for cleaning or stripping applications that damage the underlying substrate.
Biodegradable and organic

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