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CERAKOTE® is an ultra-durable ceramic finish ideal for all types of Metal, Plastic, Wood and Glass applications.

Cerakote® is a professionally applied OEM finish, requiring professional training from Cerakote partners to fully take advantage of what Cerakote can offer.

Metal Coat is a Certified Cerakote Applicator trained on the application and use of Cerakote products that extend from brilliant whites to authentic and unique metallic finishes in various industries.

With the use of Cerakote products, the resulting fixtures on projects are impervious to every cleaner and surface, beautiful to look at and touch, achieving the look and feel each customer wants. Cerakote coating also ensures fixtures last through time without degrading looks and performance compared to other brands in the market.

A concern most customers have is the possibility of damaging the item they are looking to get coated. With specialised Cerakote products and the proper application process, the risk of damaging the item is significantly reduced. Cerakote is applicable in many industries, commercial products or household items. Our coating projects using Cerakote have proved to reduce the cost of maintenance, increase durability and protect coated items against corrosion.

We make sure that our projects are environmentally friendly. That’s why we are using this product rather than environmental-hazard products that are less quality than Cerakote.

Six Step Process

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CERAKOTE® is regarded as one, if not the most durable of coatings you can get for just about any component – developed and manufactured to be one of the highest performing lines of ceramic coatings available anywhere in the world.

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Disassembling the excesses and necessary parts of the item is the first step in our ceramic coating process using Cerakote, ensuring that it will spray only the essential pieces.

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Chemical Prep

We will soak the item for about 20-30 minutes using our degreaser solution. This process will gently remove every unsuitable item.

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We are using our high-pressure water jacket on the item’s surface for thorough cleaning. The water jacket will continue moving while holding the blast media by the surface tension. The water jacket ensures that it will prevent any grit from bouncing. The final result of the blasting is a profiled surface, refined edges, and efficient use of the least amount of blast and water jacket.

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The item will then be placed in the oven for a needed time until the remaining grease or oil is dried before the application process.

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We will proceed with the spraying process with your spray finish of choice. We use a dustless spray booth and have our own certified spraying specialist.

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After the spraying process, the item will be placed into our specialised oven for drying. The drying period depends on how high the temperature should be per item.

Why Choose Cerakote

Our years of service in the ceramic coating industry made us knowledgeable of the perfect brand for the ceramic coating that creates the perfect finish for Metal, Plastic, Wood and Glass used in sectors ranging from kitchen and bathroom, motoring, aerospace and many more.
We had various experiences with other known and notable brands for ceramic coating, but none of those can match Cerakote®. We have numerous reasons why we use Cerakote coating regarding standards of durability, consistency, and overall performance. We at Metal Coat 100% guarantee the effectiveness of Cerakote®, and we don’t want to disappoint our customers. That’s why we only stick to the leading brand in the coating industry.

We have used numerous products for our metal coating service, but when we discovered Cerakote®, we were amazed at its advantages:


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