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When it comes to automotive coating, Cerakote® is a known and leading brand that provides thin-ceramic automotive coatings. Even the UK’s top aftermarket and custom shops choose Cerakote regarding performance.

Notable brands in the automotive industry also use Cerakote®.

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Why Metal Coat chooses Cerakote®:

  • Coating resistance for high temperatures up to 1,900˚
  • The coating can withstand thermal cycling and shock.
  • Coating performance that can resist and fight corrosion and various chemicals.
  • A classy look and feel
  • A coating performance that is VOC compliant and proven to be environmentally friendly.
  • Cost-friendly options and easy to apply.

Cerakote® is a sprayable liquid that is very compatible with HVLP spray guns. Cerakote can also be scaled-up to production quickly.
The application process of Cerakote® makes it easy for manufacturers to produce. They can easily switch from outdated coating to a top, world-class layer that offers a quality finish.

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Choose Cerakote® if you want:

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Superior protection and performance

With better quality, less rust, and being cost-friendly, and top performance, customers and automotive users trust Cerakote more than other brands.

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Up-to-date Market Coatings

Automotive users are now educated on what type of coating to use as the years go by. Since aged coatings like paint, anodizing, powder coating and plating were vulnerable to corrosion that weakened performance and protection, Cerakote became the solution for many.

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Solution for Coating Concerns

Cerakote produces a high-quality ceramic coating that offers unique and new solutions to old coating problems.

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High-temperature resistance

Compatible applications Customers transitioned to cerakote from
Manifolds and headers PAINT
Exhaust pipes Nickel plate
Turbo housings ZInc Plate
Turbine Pistons Chromate coating
Intercooler Powder coating
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Power train utilisation

Compatible applications Customers transitioned to cerakote from
Engine Casing Nickel plate
Pistons Anodizing
Skid Plate Nitrating
Suspension Zinc plate
Valve covers Chromate
Brakes Paint
Differential Covers Powder Coat
Transmission Casing
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Exterior and Trim application

Compatible applications Customers transitioned to cerakote from
Hinges Anodizing
Window Trim Plating
Roof Racks Car dressings
Plastic Door Trim Polishing
Winches Powder Coating
<Bumpers/td> Paint
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Why Metal Coat chooses Cerakote®:

Unlike other automotive brands in the metal coating industry, Cerakote coating offers an all-in-one package. Regarding compatibility, Cerakote® leads the industry with its ultra-thin finish that is compatible with various automotive components and can withstand high temperatures.

Many have transitioned from automotive coating to Cerakote due to its performance, protection, and style.

Get Started with Cerakote®:

If you are interested in implementing ceramic coating using Cerakote®, you can email or call us, and we will lead the way.


Don’t make it harder for you. Some of our customers inquire after a failed DIY project. The coating is not for everyone, and if you want a flawless output, you will need our help. We have been in the metal coating industry for years and maintain customer satisfaction for every coating service we do.

Inquire for a certified
cerakote applicator:

We have certified applicators ready for service. Just email or call us to inquire or learn more. You can also fill out our FORM to find a Cerakote® applicator within your area.