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Cerakote ceramic coating for kitchen and bath fixtures promotes broader and more distinguished offers to your product with colours that could stand for eons.

Metal Coat aims to provide an ultra-durable ceramic finish for kitchen and bath fixtures. In addition, Cerakote® was the answer that awaited to achieve the company’s goal due to its potential for more remarkable design and security without jeopardising performance. Cerakote ceramic coating has a broad range of finishes, from bright whites to unique metallic. Moreover, Cerakote makes it possible to have a seamless design that will fit your style.

Metal Coat | bar

Why Metal Coat chooses Cerakote®:

  • For a durable ceramic finish
  • Extreme resistance to all commercial and household cleaning chemicals
  • For a luxurious feel and look
  • Consistency
  • Easy to clean and sanitise ceramic finishes
  • Environmental friendly and a great alternative to other treatments

Cerakote® enables top-quality performance for kitchen and bath fixtures, creating bespoke hospitality designs that are best for every commercial setting. Also, suppose you want to make the most of your kitchen and bath equipment. In that case, Cerakote ceramic coating can ensure the longevity of every finish that can withstand the test of time.

Get Started with Cerakote®:

If you are interested in implementing ceramic coating using Cerakote®, you can email or call us, and we will lead the way.


Don’t make it harder for you. Some of our customers inquire after a failed DIY project. The coating is not for everyone, and if you want a flawless output, you will need our help. We have been in the metal coating industry for years and maintain customer satisfaction for every coating service we do.

Inquire for a certified
cerakote applicator:

We have certified applicators ready for service. Just email or call us to inquire or learn more. You can also fill out our FORM to find a Cerakote® applicator within your area.